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WE MOVED in 2017: Our new address and new local phone number are listed down below.

December 9/18 – It is the time of year when equipment sales for looms, wheels, blending boards and hand cards in particular get a bit crazy. We are well stocked on those items, and there is still time to order products from Ashford for delivery in time for Christmas, until around Thursday, December 13. We have numerous Majacraft wheels in stock and available for shipping, so please inquire if you are thinking of a Majacraft wheel.

Our FREE SHIPPING continues in December, We are not sure yet what the plan will be for the New Year, so this is a good chance to take advantage of it. The one downside is that we can no longer offer free shipping AND regular monthly web feature sales like in the past. These will, however, continue IN-STORE only.

John has been madly adding things to the cart. Take a look at our Looms & Accessories area, to find an extensive selection of Ashford Looms (including all the Rigid Heddle Looms, and the new big Jack Floor Loom) as well as loads of weaving accessories. We now have Tablet Weaving Cards too!

Our 2/8 Tencel Weaving Yarns are restocked. We’ve also got the full line of Ashford Mercerized Cotton, available in 5/2 and 10/2 weights. Adventurous weavers might enjoy playing with the Majacraft Wave Shuttle, for doing interesting wavy designs in your woven fabric.

Knitters can now find the square Kollage Knitting Needles on our cart. The round Sonix needles will be added shortly.

Another change to our shipping recently: many of our Ashford spinning wheels, looms and other larger equipment will be drop-shipped for free, which means shipped directly to customers from the Ashford Canada warehouse out in Victoria, BC. We’ve realized it makes no sense to ship them to our store and then ship them out again, and we would like to pass that savings on to you, our customers. We still have wheels in stock at the store though, to test drive and to purchase. We also offer this for Louet and Majacraft wheels and looms.

Core wool is something we are often asked about. This is used by needle-felters doing 3-D projects to make the basic sculptural shape, usually covered then by an outside layer of more fancy, often dyed wool. After all, there’s no sense in wasting the dyed fibres on the inside where they won’t be seen. We recently got in a shipment of Canadian Rustic Roving, thick and chunky carded wool (not combed top) which is ideal for this purpose. You will find these listed in the cart under Fibres>Natural Roving & Top>Wool and they all indicate Canadian in the main listing. We’ve also indicated the amount of vegetation bits in each type. Carded roving often has vegetation debris because it has not been combed like wool top, a process that removes most of the veg bits. The advantage to carded roving is that the fibres are jumbled every which way (rather than parallel like in top) which makes for a much faster needle-felted core shape. Spinners also like carded roving when spinning Woolen-style yarns.

Our FALL & WINTER HOURS are the same as usual, listed below. If you’re looking for our store, our new sign is not up yet but the brightly-painted spinning wheels beside the front sidewalk should help you to find us!


Our next SPIN-IN DAY will be Sunday, December 30 during regular store hours, drop-in style. Spin-Ins are free, just bring your wheel or drop spindle. We have plenty of fibre or bring your own. Spin-Ins are social occasions and we will provide coffee, tea and cookies. Share your interest in spinning with others, and maybe pick up some tips and tricks at the same time! We have plenty of room for drop-ins.


Did you know we accept E-transfers for order payment for all Canadian regions? To do this (instead of using PayPal) just select the “check/money order” payment option during checkout, then send the E-transfer to info@fibregarden.ca and then send us an e-mail as well with the answer to the security question you have selected. This option is great for those that don’t use credit cards but do online banking. Unfortunately E-tranfers cannot be sent from outside of Canada.

THE FIBRE GARDEN is owned and operated by Alan McLean and John Valleau and it lives right on Main Street in historic Jordan Village, Ontario, Canada. We are in the heart of Niagara Wine Country and there are plenty of things to see and do in the village and surroundings.

The shop carries a very wide selection of natural breed-specific rovings, dyed rovings and top, weaving and knitting yarns (many dyed right here by THE DYEGUY), felting supplies, dyes, natural dyes & mordants, spinning wheels, drop spindles, and other fibre gadgets. We are thrilled to be Dealers for MajacraftLouet and Ashford spinning wheels, looms and other products.

Our regular year-round Store Hours are:

  • CLOSED Mondays and Tuesdays
  • OPEN Wednesday, Thursday, Friday, Saturday — 11am to 5pm
  • OPEN Sunday — 12 noon to 4pm

THE FIBRE GARDEN is located at 3799 Main Street, Jordan, Ontario, Canada, L0R 1S0. info@fibregarden.ca
Telephone (289) 567-0555 Toll-free phone 1-855-236-3829 (Canada and US lower 48)

Please note: if you are using GPS to get here, our address might well pop up as Lincoln or as Jordan Station. The Village of Jordan is where we are. We’re about half way down the street between Cave Spring Winery and The Jordan House Pub, across the street from the museum.

For those in the area or within driving distance, we welcome you to visit our shop in person. Our friends from afar can enjoy online shopping with us. Just click on the SHOP ONLINE! button on the top menu bar. We have the majority of our fibres, spinning wheels, spindles, looms, gadgets and tools loaded for you to see. Please let us know if you don’t find what you are looking for!

We invite everyone to signup here for our free Fibre Garden Newsletter, e-mailed more-or-less monthly.

Thank you for visiting THE FIBRE GARDEN!

Alan & John